Web Administration

Get the picture?

The job of operating a successful website does not end once the site is built.

A site's content must be updated, and a successful web presence involves marketing the business on social media. But the tasks of keeping a site's content up to date and promoting the business on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms are often sideline chores for employees whose primary jobs are something else. As such, these tasks can become burdens to employees who have more important work to attend to. This often leads to a website's content being out of date, and poor social media presence, simply because no one has the time to deal with these things.

Don't let your site go off the rails!

There is also the job of keeping the website itself healthy by updating its software and that of the server it runs on. This is something that is never addressed by businesses, or most web developers, and can result in a site malfunctioning or shutting down prematurely. All modern websites need their software updated frequently. This must be factored into ongoing running costs.

One solution is to hire full or part-time staff specifically to do these jobs, but this is an expense that is beyond the budget of some small businesses.

A better solution is to contract Todd Brunner Web Services to do the jobs for you. We endeavour to take over the work that you don't want to do, don't have time to do, or cannot do, to keep your site running smoothly,  and your online presence and marketing on point for promoting your business in the strongest possible way. And we do this for a reasonable monthly fee that is considerably less expensive than hiring even part-time staff to do the same jobs.

Expert services inside.

We offer the following services ...

  • Content posting - Email us roughly what you want to post with a picture or file, etc. We will edit and embellish this into a strong new piece of content for your website.
  • Social Media Marketing - We can do this with zero input from you, just based on the site updates. And any time you want to say something specific across platforms, just let us know.
  • Expert Copywriting - We will re-write your text into the strongest possible marketing statements for both your website and social media. Just email us the basic gist and we'll take care of the rest. Alternatively, we can create our own perfectly targeted copy from scratch for you.
  • Web Hosting - Host on our powerful, fast servers that are optimised for your website. We completely eliminate the sluggish, slow loading problems found with typical budget hosting providers. 
  • Software Updates - We keep your software updated and running smoothly at all times, extending the lifetime of your site.

All of the above will be included in a reasonably priced monthly plan, which will be custom-tailored to your specific needs.

Please contact us so that we can discuss helping you to achieve your full online potential.