Web Development

They don't build 'em like they used to!

We are ultra skilled at building anything from small business marketing sites up to multiuser high-turnover commerce sites, but what Todd Brunner uniquely brings to the table is decades of experience in business and online business strategies and practises. Younger developers may have technical skills but they lack the perspective that only many years of online problem solving can produce. Because of this Todd is uniquely equipped to advise clients on the correct approaches for their websites and online marketing.

Drupal it, baby!

We use the Drupal Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for development. Drupal is the most powerful and flexible framework on the web, which allows for the development of any kind of website with nearly endless future expansion possibilities. We chose the Drupal platform over countless others because of its robustness, versatility and very large user and developer base. Todd Brunner has been using Drupal exclusively for over 15 years, confident that it offers the best experience for both clients and users.

Talk to us about your website requirements, whether small or large, and you can be confident of getting not only the best technical skills but also the best advice in the business.